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Who is this site for?


This pilot website is for people like you! We aim to introduce you to our program through this introductory site. We are seeking funding to develop another exciting and expanded site, just for you! 

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"All of the program applies to all of us (as mothers), our health, our wellbeing. [ The program] is so well worth it and the benefits are fantastic. I just changed - It changed me. It's made a huge difference." 

Amelia, mother to 12 year old William who has Aspergers syndrome.



Healthy mothers healthy families  is a single day workshop that may be delivered in local communities. This pilot site is based on one set of six workshops that were conducted in 2013. The workshops were 3 hours long and ran every three weeks involving around 35 mothers in each workshop.

The single day workshop relates to the modules that are included in this website. Many of the activities and exercises can’t be completed in the same way as they are within a workshop setting, and have not been included in this website.

We know that mothers like to meet other women with similar interests, perspectives and life experiences. Many women really enjoy the workshops because they give mothers a chance to connect with others.  However for many reasons, including geographical location, difficulty getting out into the community secondary to a child’s needs, caring issues, family responsibilities, financial or transport issues, we wanted to make this information presented in the workshops available to mothers like you.

This site has been designed around the needs of mothers with disabilities in Australia. Research findings by the authors of this site, and many others, have informed the content and design of the learning modules in this site.  Above all though, this site emphasizes the experiences of many mothers of children with disabilities who have shared their stories or participated in research.

This pilot website will provide you with some of the content available in the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Families workshops. We aim to improve and expand the website when funding becomes available as we know that mother's like to view the content of the workshops from their homes. The workshops include large and small group discussion, encouraging active participation by attendees.

There are some quotes from real women included throughout this site. Many of the women have participated in the workshops. Others were interviewed at a different time in research activities with Helen.

We bring you the knowledge and wisdom of other women, so that you can experience what others describe as meaningful. Only you will know what is relevant to you in your life.

















What do mothers say about Healthy Mothers, Healthy Families?

Read about the experiences of mothers who have attended the Healthy Mothers Healthy Families workshops and learned about the content here.

The comments represent changes that mothers made or their experiences in the program.